Use Mac's shortcuts and other functions on Windows


  • Support for Mac keyboard combinations
  • Includes Active Corners and Spaces
  • Quick file preview
  • Easy to use


  • Not as good as the real thing
  • Skinning and plug-ins only available in the paid version

Very good

maComfort is a special tool designed for those of us who use Macs at home, but are forced to work with Windows on a daily basis.

With maComfort you’ll be able to have all the Mac shortcuts and functions you’ve grown to love and miss so much when using Windows-based systems. It features an easy-to-use interface, with a top menu bar that gives you access to the program’s different areas.

Among other things, maComfort brings Mac OS useful keyboard combinations (such as using the spacebar to preview files or the F keys to manage volume), Active Corners and also Spaces – Mac’s native virtual desktop system.

Though not as beautifully implemented as the original, maComfort will help you manage Windows more comfortably way – with all the Mac functions you love. The program also has support for plug-ins, but they’re only available if you upgrade to the paid version.

maComfort brings your favorite Mac hotkeys, shortcuts and functions to your Windows-based computer.




User reviews about maComfort

  • by Anonymous

    Makes my life easier :).
    This at least brings Quicklook to Windows. Had troubles so often pressing space with no...   More